ACI: Your Passport To Security

For over 30 years, Accounting & Compliance International (ACI) has established itself as the premier broker dealer financial consulting firm on Wall Street. Our team of Financial and Operation Principals (FinOps) provide independent broker dealers with turnkey accounting solutions in an effort to minimize costs and maximize the accuracy of their financial reporting. Our goal is to maintain a strong accounting infrastructure for our clients so they are successful in their efforts to increase transparency, mitigate risk, fulfill regulatory obligations and build investor trust.


Are you ready for the new world of regulation?

As an industry, we need to better understand our regulatory responsibilities and restore confidence in the financial markets.


Are you preparing for the changing regulatory landscape?

Now more than ever, clients need and want to know their financial future is secure. They want to know they can trust you.


Who is ultimately accountable? 
You are.

You don't have to be alone. ACI's team of CPAs, FinOps and financial services professionals will help you understand and minimize your risks.


Why ACI? Why now?

ACI offers results oriented programs run by an expert team. Our flexible, cost-effective solutions can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.