FINRA Notice 16-04


Effective December 20, 2015

The SEC recently approved FINRA’s proposal to merge its dispute resolution subsidiary, FINRA Dispute Resolution, Inc. into and with its regulatory subsidiary, FINRA Regulation, Inc.1 FINRA continues to operate its dispute resolution program, now as a separate department within FINRA Regulation under the name of the Office of Dispute Resolution. To implement the merger, FINRA made necessary conforming amendments to its Plan of Allocation and Delegation of Functions by NASD to Subsidiaries (Delegation Plan), amended the FINRA Regulation By-Laws to incorporate substantive and unique provisions from the FINRA Dispute Resolution By-Laws, deleted the FINRA Dispute Resolution By-Laws in their entirety and made conforming amendments to FINRA rules. The SEC also approved amendments to the FINRA Regulation By-Laws to increase the total number of directors who may serve on the FINRA Regulation board from 15 to 17.

See the attached pdf, for the full text:

pdf FINRA_Notice_16-04.pdf